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Dental Cleanings services offered in Issaquah, WA

If you’re looking for a welcoming and caring team that provides exceptional dental cleanings, look no further than Issaquah Dental Care. The office in Issaquah, Washington, offers thorough dental cleanings to support your oral hygiene. It’s important to seek cleanings several times a year. Call the office today to schedule an appointment. You can also book quickly and efficiently through the online reservation system. 

Dental Cleanings Q & A

What are dental cleanings?

Dental cleanings offer a comprehensive and thorough solution to clean your teeth. Tartar and hard-to-reach bacteria build-up over time, even with proper hygiene practices, such as brushing and flossing. Dental cleanings use several specialized tools that easily reach these areas and provide healthier, fresher teeth.

Professional cleanings in the office may consist of polishing, flossing, and debridement, which is an in-depth process to remove the accumulation of stubborn plaque.

Why do I need dental cleanings?

It’s important to take care of your teeth through all stages of life. Dental cleanings provide comprehensive care for your teeth and ensure underlying conditions don’t arise. Teeth that aren’t properly cleaned become inflamed, swollen, and bleed easily. Additionally, bacteria builds up and increases your risk for infection.

Bacterial build-up and infection of the teeth and gums impose additional morbidity. Some conditions that can result from poor oral hygiene include:

  • Cavities
  • Periodontitis
  • Gingivitis
  • Sensitive, brittle teeth
  • Pain
  • Difficulty chewing
  • Abscesses

Dental cleanings also reduce the risk of conditions that affect other areas of the body, such as heart disease and gastrointestinal ailments. 

What happens during dental cleanings?

You can expect a carefully streamlined process when you arrive at Issaquah Dental Care for your dental cleanings. First, the dental hygienist assesses your oral hygiene with a thorough oral examination. This provides insight into your overall oral hygiene practices at home and gives the staff a great starting point on how to best meet your needs. 

The hygienist proceeds by removing all plaque build-up with a specialized tool. You may experience some slight abrasion as the trained professional works to break away any tartar. 

Following this, a high-powered brush applies toothpaste onto your teeth and provides a deep clean to sweep away the remaining debris. This brushing process also helps polish your teeth and improves their appearance.

Are dental cleanings safe?

Dental cleanings are completely safe when performed by a qualified professional. When you arrive for your cleaning appointment, associates first check for signs of concern. If you possess a major injury or oral ailment, Issaquah Dental Care delays a cleaning to avoid further irritation. 

Additionally, research suggests that a high frequency of dental visits doesn’t negatively impact your health. Always contact your dentist if there is cause for concern.

To schedule a dental cleaning today, call the office in Issaquah, Washington, or book through the online reservation system.