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Orthodontics services offered in Issaquah, WA

If you have tooth spacing problems or how your teeth fit together when you bite, orthodontic care can help. Offered by the experienced team at Issaquah Dental Care in Issaquah, Washington, orthodontics treatments include Invisalign® clear aligners, braces, and other treatments to help make your teeth straight. Call the office today or use the online tool to book a consultation and learn how orthodontics can improve your bite and smile.  

Orthodontics Q & A

When should I pursue orthodontic treatment?

Orthodontic care helps straighten your teeth, close gaps between your teeth, correct bite misalignments, and fit your lips and teeth together properly. 

Children benefit from an early orthodontic evaluation, usually around age seven or eight. At this point, their teeth are a mix of baby and adult teeth and it’s easier to diagnose potential alignment problems. Early interventions can correct tooth and jaw problems so patients don’t need more extensive treatments later. 

It’s especially important for your child to receive an orthodontic consultation if they:

  • Breathe through their mouth
  • Suck their thumb 
  • Have large spaces between their teeth
  • Had an early or late loss of baby teeth
  • Have crowded teeth

Orthodontic care is not limited to children. If you are an adolescent or adult bothered by aspects of your smile, pursue orthodontic care. 

How do teens benefit from orthodontics?

Teens may be bothered by smile concerns, such as crowded teeth, general crookedness, underbites, overbites, and crossbites. 

By the time a person is a teenager, their adult teeth have come in, and they are a good candidate for orthodontic treatments like braces or clear aligners, such as OrthoFX® or Invisalign. 

Clear aligners fit over your teeth and gently coax them into the desired position. You change the aligners every week or two as your smile changes.

Teens appreciate clear aligners because they can be taken out when you eat, brush, play sports, or smile for the camera. Clear aligners are worn most hours of the day, including while you sleep. 

What orthodontic treatments do you offer for adults?

Adults who are bothered by their smile’s appearance benefit from orthodontics. Orthodontic treatments can also straighten irregular teeth to alleviate jaw pain or pressure and discourage decay and gum disease.

The providers at Issaquah Dental Care see adult patients for braces, including more discrete clear braces. Clear aligners are also an appropriate treatment to correct an irregular adult smile.

Make an appointment at Issaquah Dental Care to learn how you or your family can benefit from orthodontic care. Call today or use the online scheduler to book your visit.